Disposal Services

Illegal dumping of bulky items such as your old furniture will incur a fine in Singapore. We provide bulk waste disposal services for both commercial and residential clients. As a professional disposal service provider, be assured that we strictly adhere to all rules and regulations set by NEA, and not forgetting the safety aspects.


Pre-disposal procedure

  • After receiving your enquiry, our sales team will look into it with details provided such as dimensions of items to be disposed, quantity, weight, and if moving up or down the stairs is required. Please do provide as much information as you can (photos would be really helpful) to ensure that we provide you with the best quote. We can also arrange for a non-obligatory site viewing at no extra charges to you.
  • We are more than happy to cater to customers of all needs from disposing of 1 dining table to office clear-outs.


  •  Upon agreement of service, we will arrange our operations team to proceed at a time and date of your convenience. We will take care of every single details and ensure that the items will be removed from your facilities in the fastest and safest way.

Methods of Disposal Services

  • After removal is done, the items will be disposed of at the facilities of NEA licensed waste collector to be sent to the incinerator. Furniture or other wastes that can be recycled will either be packed and sent for recycling or donated, with your permission.

Examples of items for disposal:

  • Old or broken furniture
  • Wood wastes
  • Office documents clear out
  • Event booths
  • Large copier machines
  • Many more..

Other misc or ad-hoc services that we are able to provide:

  • Moving
  • Transportation
  • Facility services
  • Cleaning services
disposal services
disposal services
disposal services