E-Waste Recycling

E-Waste Recycling in Singapore

e waste recycling

Electronic device components contains constituents that can be very harmful to the environment if improperly handled. Certain components of electronics contain large amount of metal including lead, silver, barium, and mercury that can be recovered and responsibly disposed of.

In a constantly changing digital world where electronics are everywhere, it is crucial for us to start engaging and spread awareness in e-waste recycling.

What we do:

Electronic waste recovery - Maximize raw material recovery values, at the same time minimize negative impacts left on the environment.

Secure Data Destruction - Physical destruction for hard drives or other devices containing confidential data. This is very crucial especially for organisations that deals with confidential customer information.

Re-usable IT Assets - We have a specialized market that buys in e-wastes that are still in working condition. This greatly reduces our carbon footprint.

What kind of E-Wastes are Recyclable?

Computer Parts

CPUs, hard disks, monitors, laptops are some examples of computer parts that we can recycle.

Electronic Components

Electronic parts such as circuit boards, motor, batteries cannot just be disposed of as general wastes and should be securely recycled.

Other Electronics

There are many types of recyclable e-wastes. These also includes wires or even electrical fans!

Vibrant Recycle collects

We have focused greatly on E-waste recycling in Singapore for several years now and these are the items that we are able to collect:

  • CPUs, laptops, monitor & computer parts
  • Motherboard, circuit board, hard drives, RAMs
  • Air conditioner units, fridge
  • Machines & pumps
  • Spare parts
  • Wire & plugs
  • And many more..

For items that no longer has any resale value, they will be manually dismantled and sorted into various components for recycling, namely plastic parts, glass, ferrous and non ferrous scrap metal.

Please do reach out to our recycling consultants if you have any questions regarding e-waste recycling. We will be more than happy to help!

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