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Clothing & Household Appliance Recycling in Singapore

Used clothing can and SHOULD be recycled. Statistics show that only about 7% of textile wastes generated were recycled in Singapore.

With the fast changing fashion trend around the world, old clothing are piling up in our wardrobes and eventually ending up among the thrash.

Vibrant Recycle’s mission is to ensure that all these usable textiles do not go to waste. This can be achieved by reusing and recycling.

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Clothing Recycling Services We Offer

Door To Door Collection

We provide door to door collection at very affordable rates. This will help to keep your home clutter free at all times!

Self Drop Off

Self drop off is currently not available. Please do check back!

Working with our various partners, the items we collect will first be sorted into different grades.

Usable clothes will be exported to several developing countries all over the world while torn or damaged clothes will be recycled as cleaning cloth.

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